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Weight Loss in Scottsdale
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Making Your Dream Weight a Reality

If you’ve ever felt like losing weight is a pipe dream, you were probably trying the wrong approach. We’ve all been there: a few weeks of intense workouts you couldn’t keep up long term, or a scale that finally showed the number you wanted before inching its way back up again. Dr. Carla understands how frustrating it is to try to drop the pounds and not see results, and she’s here to help solve the weight loss mystery so you know exactly what your body needs to reach your goals.


We Figure Out What’s Behind Excess Weight

Dr. Carla created a six-month weight loss program that uncovers what has kept you from an ideal weight. We not only help you learn what to eat and how to exercise, we help you identify the underlying causes of weight retention. We address the emotional stresses that create barriers to weight loss, like past traumas, triggers, cravings, or stress. We help you replace processed foods and toxins with clean, low-glycemic foods that help your body slim down. And we look for underlying causes of excess weight, and decide if you need lab testing, food sensitivity testing, or testing with applied kinesiology.

Everyone’s metabolism is different; no two bodies work the same. While overeating can cause excess weight, so can not eating enough, which leads to fight-or-flight mode and a lack of nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies push our bodies into survival mode and need to be addressed by restoring gut health and supplementing for optimal, cellular metabolism.

We also offer supportive homeopathic protocols to help the body deal with these stresses.

Customized Support for Your Weight Loss Journey

We build a six-month weight loss program tailored to your needs. It includes a customized eating plan, weight loss counseling, weekly accountability, and gentle chiropractic adjustments with Neuro-Emotional Technique and other therapies as needed. Once a month, we host a 7-Day Jump Start group that helps you reset your metabolism with an encouraging group of likeminded people.

We can teach your body to work together with guilt-free foods for a healthier you.

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