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Whether you have been struggling with symptoms for years or you just want to better understand your own body so that you can create a preventative strategy, lab testing can help.

Lab testing can help you understand what is contributing to symptoms of IBS, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and much more!

Lab kits are mailed directly to you, and every test includes a consultation so you can be guided to take action on the results you receive. Your follow-up consultation can be done in person or by telehealth.

  • When is testing a good idea?
  • Are you interested in longevity?
  • Do you have persistent symptoms despite eating a healthy diet and taking supplements?
  • Do you want to get the most value out of your investment in nutritional supplements?
  • Do you have “pill fatigue” and want to get more specific with your supplementation?
  • Do you wonder if you have food sensitivities, food allergies, or other issues causing inflammation?
  • Have you been told your lab results are “normal” yet you still suffer?
  • Do you wonder if you’ve been exposed to heavy metals, toxic chemicals, or mold and if those toxins are contributing to your symptoms?
  • Have you wondered if you could have an underlying condition like Lyme disease, EBV, or other Lyme disease co-infections?
  • Have you tried a variety of gut healing protocols and nothing seems to work?
  • How does this work?

Step 1 – Order Your Lab Kit Online

Is cost an issue?

  • Our lab shop accepts HSA/FSA cards.
  • You can also select an interest-free payment plan option at the time of purchase if your order is over $400. The payment plan option will appear once you put in all your information at checkout. There is no delay in ordering and processing if you do a payment plan.

Step 2 – Complete the Kit & Mail It In

If your kit requires a urine or stool sample, you can do this at home.

If your kit requires a blood sample, schedule your blood draw through Vibrant America. There will be a list of blood draw centers and mobile phlebotomists for your area included.

Step 3 – Schedule Your Appointment

We will call you when your lab results are finalized and schedule your in-person or telehealth appointment so that Dr. Carla can answer your questions about your results and help you create an action plan.

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Longevity/Personalized Nutrition

Do you face the challenge of managing a daily supplement regimen of numerous pills, powders, and doses? Even yet, you don’t know if the dose or form of each nutrient is right for your biology, genetics, or lifestyle.

Science for Longevity: Our genetic testing uncovers your predisposed nutritional deficiencies, giving you a head start in preventing future health issues. The program assesses over 40 serum nutrients, ensuring your bloodstream is rich with essential elements. Additionally, we test 40+ cellular nutrients, focusing on what your cells absorb—the foundation of optimal nutrition.

Learn more about the NutriProZ program here

*Note: This program includes a Micronutrients Panel, Whole Blood Panel, and Genetic Nutrient panel as well as 3 months of the supplement created for you from your results.

Gut Health

Did you know that your gut health is like a foundation for overall wellness? From digestion and energy levels to detoxification and immune function, it’s all connected to your gut microbiome.

The Gut Zoomer Test is designed to reveal the incredible world within your gut. This comprehensive test assesses a wide range of gut micro-organisms, metabolites, and relevant markers that provide valuable insights into your gut health. It’s not just about digestion; it’s about optimizing your entire well-being.

Learn more about the Gut Zoomer here

Wheat Reactivity and Celiac Disease

Are you tired of feeling bloated, fatigued, and not quite yourself after eating? Gluten sensitivity might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

What Makes the Wheat Zoomer Test Special?

Pinpoint sensitivity to gluten or other wheat proteins.
Tailored nutrition recommendations for your specific needs.
Uncover potential triggers for gut issues and inflammation.

Learn more about the Wheat Zoomer Test here

Food Sensitivity/Food Allergy

Our Food Sensitivity Test is designed to help you understand how your body reacts to specific nutrients and additives in your diet. These reactions can contribute to chronic inflammation and disease development, impacting your overall health.

Symptoms of food-mediated reactions can range from gastrointestinal discomfort to brain fog, fatigue, and even muscle and joint pain. Identifying your body’s sensitivities can be a powerful step towards a more comfortable, healthier life.

Learn more about the Food Sensitivity Test here

Cardiovascular Health

Did you know? Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. However many risks can be identified and managed early on.

The Power of Genetics: Some risks are woven into our DNA. Our panel can unveil genetic markers like Lipoprotein(a), hinting at your predisposition to heart ailments.

Beyond Genetics: We dive deep, examining everything from cholesterol levels to inflammatory markers—painting a full picture of your cardiovascular health.

Learn more about the Cardiac Health Panel here

Mold Exposure/Mycotoxins

Are you experiencing unexplained health symptoms that just won’t go away? It’s time to consider a new perspective. Mold exposure, even in seemingly clean environments, could be the culprit.

Our at-home Mycotoxin test is designed to help you understand the potential link between your symptoms and mold exposure. This comprehensive test measures the levels of mycotoxins – toxins produced by molds – in your body. Whether you’re dealing with fatigue, respiratory issues, or other unexplained discomforts, this test might hold the key to your well-being.

Learn more about the Mycotoxins Test here

Lyme Disease and Tickborne Infections

Tickborne diseases can be challenging to diagnose because they can mimic other illnesses. The diseases tend to overstay their welcome, with 20% of patients continuing to experience symptoms even after standard antibiotic treatments.

From fever and fatigue to muscle aches and neurological symptoms, these symptoms can have a significant impact on your quality of life. However, with timely diagnosis and treatment, you can avoid more serious health problems down the line.

Learn more about the Tickborne 1.0 Test here

Neural Zoomer

By understanding the unique inflammatory triggers within your brain, you can take proactive steps toward supporting your cognitive well-being.

Whether it’s making small lifestyle adjustments, incorporating brain-healthy practices, or seeking further guidance, the information from the Neural Zoomer test empowers you to make informed choices.

Learn more about Neural Zoomer Plus here

Total Toxin Burden

Toxic exposure is an unfortunate reality of our daily lives, and when toxins accumulate, they can place immense stress on our bodily systems. These toxins lead to elevated oxidative stress and overload our body’s detoxification pathways, especially in the liver. The result? A range of chronic inflammation symptoms that can impact your quality of life.

The Total Tox Burden test is here to provide you with complete insight into the levels of heavy metals, mold toxins, and environmental toxins residing within you. This simple and quick test will reveal the truth about your toxic load and empower you to take control of your health.

Learn more about the Total Toxin Burden test

Organic Acids Test

The Organic Acids Test is about detecting organic acids in urine, providing crucial insights into your metabolic health. It’s like peering into the inner workings of your body, helping us accurately identify conditions associated with genetic disorders, nutrient deficiencies, intestinal dysbiosis, and even toxicity from diet and prescription drugs.

Learn more about the Organic Acids Test here

Heavy Metals Levels

Harmful elements like arsenic, lead, and mercury can lurk in unexpected places, impacting your well-being without you even knowing it.

The advanced Heavy Metals panel is your key to uncovering the truth. It’s designed to test for exposure to these harmful heavy metals, providing essential insights for your health. No matter where you live, heavy metals can accumulate in air, soil, and water sources, making this test a crucial step in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Learn more about the Heavy Metals test here

Micronutrient Levels

If you suspect a chronic inflammatory condition, autoimmune diseases like Celiac or Crohn’s, or experience problems related to nutrient absorption, our Micronutrient Panel is precisely what you need. By uncovering the underlying causes of nutrient deficiencies, this panel can help improve your health and well-being.

Over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient deficiencies. By assessing nutrient absorption at both the extra- and intracellular levels, the Micronutrient Panel provides a comprehensive view to determine the underlying causes of malnutrition and inflammation.

Learn more about the Micronutrient Panel here

Methylation Panel

Methylation’s influence stretches across almost all our organ systems and metabolic functions. It’s akin to a conductor of an orchestra—directing everything from our energy levels and detoxification pathways to our emotions and cognitive abilities.

This test evaluates both the essential nutrients required for optimal methylation and any genetic markers that might indicate abnormalities. With the markers provided in this test, you can understand your methylation status, uncover unique nutritional needs, and adopt lifestyle changes that align perfectly with your DNA.

Learn more about the Methylation Panel here

If you’d like to discuss your specific case to determine what testing is best for you, schedule your Complimentary Case Review here


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