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About Abundant Health Arizona

Health, Vitality and Wellness with Ease

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At Abundant Health Arizona, our mission is to help people live free from pain and have ease in their lives. Often people have become so used to living with pain and difficulty that they don’t even realize how much vitality they’ve lost until we help them get better. Dr. Carla knows from personal experience that even chronic conditions that have persisted for decades can get better with the type of care and advanced techniques we offer.

Transforming Health

Our chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and effective. Dr. Carla combines a variety of techniques, including nutritional counseling, to give your body everything it needs to restore its capacity to heal. We don’t manage symptoms—rather, we view your body as an integrated whole, and we see chiropractic care as a bridge between science and spirit. Everything we do is neurologically-based, but it goes beyond mechanical correction to help your body function optimally and adapt to every kind of stress in life, even thoughts.

Our History

Dr. Carla has been a healing practitioner since 2006. Wanting to help patients on a deeper level, she went to Life University and graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2015. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Scottsdale in 2015 and started Abundant Health Arizona.

Results that Might Surprise You

Although our results aren’t surprising to us, many patients are surprised to learn that their back or neck pain is related to other stresses in their lives and that chiropractic is a simple way to help the body adapt better to stress—and that they really can change things that others said couldn’t be changed.

One such patient was a highly successful woman who had to quit her job because of chronic fatigue that no one had been able to correct. After years of debilitating dysfunction, she came to us. Within a year, she made a full recovery. She’s back to working full-time, traveling for pleasure, and doing ten-mile hikes.

We Can Help You, Too

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