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Understanding Your Body and Its Needs for Weight Loss After Age 40

women walking in the parkMany times when we start to think about losing weight or exercising more, it’s based on some ideal we have in our heads from years ago. Truthfully, most of us never reached those goals, even when we were younger!

Our bodies change over time, and we have different needs as we age. As a woman over 40, Tip #4 is that it’s important to understand your body and its current needs when it comes to weight loss. It’s not as simple as counting calories or hitting the gym every day. A holistic approach takes into account both physical and mental health.

Achieving Your Goals

For most of us, our goal is to have enough energy to do the things we enjoy. That may look like playing a sport, hiking, spending time with the grandchildren, traveling, or any number of activities.

Our chiropractor does some functional nutrition lab work, and takes into account your history, to be specific to you. Working with a health practitioner to assess your body, mind, and spirit helps create a plan to fit your present goals.

Personal Support

Like they say, every great athlete has a coach. Taking on a new eating plan, and a new exercise program, you need that kind of coaching and support to make those changes safely and successfully for you, beyond just a few months.

If you set yourself up well, you’ll have a much better outcome, which you’ll learn how to sustain through life’s ups and downs.

And the final tip—which probably should be the first tip—is don’t give up! There is no age limit on building healthy lifestyle habits, and the time you spend doing that will always yield
rewards, even if the scale can be slow to show your progress.

Learn More

Dr. Carla Freeman is a Chiropractor in Scottsdale. She has helped hundreds of women adopt a low-glycemic lifestyle through her one-on-one and group health coaching programs.

You can learn more about Dr. Carla at

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