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Taking a Whole Body Approach to Addressing Headaches

woman at home hand on headIf you’re tired of reaching for OTC medication to relieve your headaches, and recognize that a bandage or symptom management approach won’t provide a resolution—as it doesn’t get to the root—we want to help just as we did with one of our patients.

A woman came into the practice to find solutions for her neck pain and back pain. She had been in a car accident about 15 years ago and didn’t think her pain was related to the accident. At her initial exam, she didn’t mention that she suffered from headaches. She was focused on being able to work out more and maintain her hectic lifestyle. Her daily headaches were just considered “normal” so she didn’t even ask the doctor about relieving them.

Looking at Structural, Mental, Emotional & Chemical

Dr. Carla started working with the patient for a series of visits over six weeks. Her care plan included the following:

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Carla used a series of gentle chiropractic adjustments. She employed the Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), which is a gentle, light-force technique to release stress. She also used Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), a safe, effective, and natural system that looks at and resolves physical issues caused by our body’s stress reaction to a past emotion.


Just as poor nutrition can make you feel lousy, optimal nutrition can help you feel great. That’s why Dr. Carla also helped the patient adopt a low-glycemic eating plan that was convenient for her busy lifestyle. Instead of skipping meals, she was able to provide her body with valuable nutrients to keep her going, even on her busiest days.

The Benefits of Taking a Synergistic Approach

“If we had just adjusted her, there’s a high possibility that her headaches could have gone away with the adjustments alone. But when we add in the nutrition, the body is better able to heal,” said Dr. Carla.

“We get to the source of balancing everything using our model, where we look at structural, emotional, and adding in the right nutrients—the chemical balance. There’s a synergy there that causes us to get effective treatment because we’re not missing anything,” she added.

At her six-week review, the patient told Dr. Carla she was no longer waking up every day with a headache. The patient has continued her regular care because she noticed her headaches went away, her pain is under control and she can now do all the things she wants to be doing without pain and fatigue slowing her down.

But Aren’t Headaches Normal?

Sometimes people have headaches for years, and they just think that’s normal. But there is no such thing as a “normal headache.” Sometimes people have been putting up with them for so many years and think it’s something they have to live with. Or they’ve sought treatment in the past, but nothing provided relief. So they’re just put up with daily, weekly, or monthly headaches.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way because Dr. Carla is here to help you. During your New Patient Appointment, Dr. Carla will review your health history, complete a thorough physical exam, and determine the best way to identify your nutrition deficiencies. Book your New Patient Appointment today and get on the path to regaining your energy and focus without headaches!

If you’ve been putting up with headaches, we want to help you get relief. Give our practice a call today to book an appointment.


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