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Meet Dr. E!

Dr. Shawna EischensWe are so grateful to share space with Dr. Shawna Eischens at Hope and Healing Naturopathic. Dr. E is a wonderful resource and we wanted to introduce her to you in case you need the support of a Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. E is originally from a suburb near the Twin Cities in Minnesota and though she doesn’t miss the winters a bit, she misses the plentiful lakes, greenery, and loved ones. One of her favorite books is Radical Forgiveness. She has helped patients break free from the “victim mentality” using this approach and has also benefitted personally and professionally from its wisdom.

Dr. E learned a lot of lessons through the days of a go-go-go lifestyle with excessive, work, play, and competitive sports/events. These days she is much more content with love and enjoys yoga, work/life balance, and accepting her imperfections. Due to her own past health issues and limiting beliefs of being unlovable and unworthy, her greatest joy is helping people get to the root cause of their symptoms and allowing them to realize that they are worthy of all the best things in life!

Dr. E says. “the body/mind is amazing and capable of healing in profound ways when given the proper guidance to do so!”

As you can see, Dr. E and I have a lot in common! You can learn more about her practice at I highly recommend all of my patients take advantage of her training in the Food Intolerance Method and Quantum Neuro-Reset Therapy (QNRT) as they are great adjuncts to the work I do with NET and Gentle Chiropractic Care.


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