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How Nutritional Testing Helped Overcome Migraines: A Case Study

person buying nuts in bulkNutritional testing can help identify any deficiencies you may have that could be contributing to your health problems.

We recently worked with a patient who had suffered from migraines for several years and could never get to the root cause.

After giving nutritional testing a try, we were able to identify nutrients that she was deficient in. After discussing supplementation and a non-toxic diet, the patient got to work. Her migraines completely disappeared, which was life-changing for her!

What is Nutritional Testing?

We perform nutritional testing right here in the office. We complete a metabolic nutrition analysis designed to identify imbalances in your system and choose the right supplements to bring balance to your metabolism. Testing can include an in depth nutrition questionnaire, urinalysis and endocrine reflex test, which involves taking your blood pressure and pulse as you sit and stand. The doctor performs an analysis to determine which body systems need support with supplementation. The patient is monitored every four to six weeks to ensure supplementation is always appropriate for their current needs.

The metabolic nutrition analysis looks at your deficiencies on a cellular level to determine how your body is using glucose and oxygen, your acid/alkaline balance and your hydration level. All of these are important to ensure absorption and assimilation of any nutrient you ingest whether through food or dietary supplments. This offers us the most complete picture to determine a new diet and lifestyle that will work for you and may help you overcome a variety of symptoms.

Ready to Discover Your Gaps?

If you feel like you may have nutritional deficiencies, we’re here to help. Or, if you’re dealing with unwanted symptoms that have been plaguing you for months or years, we’d love to help you get to the bottom of the cause.

Contact us today to book your appointment!

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