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Got Stress? Tame Tension Headaches Naturally!

doctor-carla-freeman-2nd-shoot-whiteDull pain. Persistent pounding. Tightness around the head. The stress, anxiety, or depression people experience can often trigger tension headaches, which affect millions around the globe.

How Dr. Carla Can Help

If you’re tired of reaching for medication, we are here to help you stop the pounding. Dr. Carla offers advanced chiropractic techniques and other approaches to relieve headaches. Our care goes beyond symptom management, however. We get to the root cause of your pain versus providing a bandage solution.

Relieve Your Discomfort With These 3 Exercises

You don’t have to put up with debilitating discomfort. Dr. Carla has effective exercises that can tame tension and help you put your pain in the past.

Click here to download your free exercise booklet.

Book an Appointment

Take that first step toward relieving your pain by booking a new patient appointment. You can take advantage of our new patient offer of just $249, which includes a consultation, exam, first adjustment session, and one restorative therapy!


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