Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

Dr. Carla has helped me with a variety of health issues. She is professional and compassionate. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to heal physically and emotionally!
- Melanie C.

Dr. Carla is extraordinary! When I first started seeing her, I could barely get out of bed. I’d go to my appointment with her and right back home to lie down. But I kept going...and thank goodness. I just recently completed a 10 mile hike and I’m training for my first hike through backpacking trip. It almost seems like magic what she does but take it from me it is healing at the most profound level. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with her today.
- Audra B.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I was headache free for more than a week, however, after my treatment sessions with Tanya I was headache free and continue to stay headache free with acupuncture and the nutrition advice Tanya recommended. My weekly sessions with Tanya were the most relaxing part of the week for me and she took the time to educate me about my treatments which I found valuable as well. What I enjoyed the most about working with Tanya was the feeling I had that she truly understood my concerns and the goals I wanted to accomplish. I was able to relax and rejuvenate with each visit. She incorporated a variety of techniques into my care to best suit my needs and achieve optimal results.
- Allie K.

Dr. Carla is one of the most positive people I’ve had the pleasure meeting. She really walks her talk and has inspired me personally and professionally. Her relational style put me right at ease…I highly recommend Carla if you are looking for support to make changes in your life!
- Karen F.

Dr. Carla has an amazing ability to tap into the subtleties of communicating with the body and can help you clean out past trauma and negative thoughts that plague everyday existence. I have such a better outlook and my chronic back pain has resolved! Who knew pain was related to emotions!?
- Mandy M.

Dr. Carla is amazing. She is a plethora of knowledge and a commitment to health and healing. She is a great chiropractor and the detox foot baths and the emotional healing technique made a big difference in my healing. I am looking forward to trying some of the new offerings. I highly recommend her.
- Samantha M.

Received a wonderful treatment today from Tanya, and I felt profound shifts in my energy from only one treatment. Tanya is caring, intuitive, and uses a variety of modalities to tailor your treatment to you, based on your health history and current concerns. She is also very good at figuring out what needs attention, before you even tell her! I would highly recommend Tanya for both chronic or acute conditions, and to keep yourself healthy!
- Natalia Pellegrino ND

Dr. Carla’s compassion and dedication are clear with every aspect of her practice. She cares deeply, and takes a multi-faceted approach to find the optimal modality to enhance healing. She is completely focused on you! She’s an amazing, down to earth, and genuine healer.
- Kat F.

Dr. Carla Gibson has a unique style that I wanted to doubt despite her generosity and high recommendations, but her work is spot on and the more I have come to trust her the more powerful the results are. I have learn the body is a product of the spirit and mind. She taps into that and helps my healing progress faster, with more ease and compassion.
- Sarah H.

I recently met with Dr. Carla of Abundant Health Arizona and it was such a wonderful and positive experience. I visited her office for a meeting just to get an idea of what she does differently as a Chiropractor and was very impressed. Ask her about the Brain Tap machine, and many other ways she can get you back on track, without cracking and twisting.

I can tell that she truly cares about her patients and wants to help them all feel great. I'd recommend Dr. Carla and Abundant Health Arizona!!!
- Your Realtor Greg

Dr. Carla is an amazing healer. Her abilities come from a fantastic blend of intuition and dedication to knowledge. I was grateful for my time under her care.
- Johanna N.